Vaping Trends


In the recent past the trend of vaping has been increased by leaps and bounds. Today it has took a shape of a hobby that is very in vogue specifically among the younger generation but is a common practice among the people from other age groups, indulging in vaping. The community associated with vaping also experienced a substantial level of growth, the members of this community belong to all walks of life without any occupational or social class discrimination. This implies that the trends which use to be prevalent in the vaping community has also been changed in the recent past. Speaking of that following are some current trends in the vaping community. You could look at modern vape stuff on the site and others.

Cloud Amusers

The first trend on our list is relevant to the group of people who are amused by the experience of dense cloud of smoke that can be made with vaping. These people try to achieve the biggest and densest cloud that can be made while vaping. So technically this group of people are not looking for satisfying their nicotine cravings, all the want is a good thick vapor cloud. Therefore, the product they use in vaping is vegetable juice of also known as vegetable glycerin. This juice is responsible for creating dense clouds. These juices usually contain negligible amount of nicotine which also means that this kind of vaping trend falls on the lower side of the risk level. And to get bigger clouds vapers use special parts of their mods, for example Limitless RDTA Plus.

Events and Expos for Vaping

Another trend that is catching traction, is the conduction of events and expos specifically for the meet and greet of the vaping community. There is no restriction in attending of these events, both vapers and non-vapers can come and join. These events are usually organized by the vendors at the local level. The venue for such events is most likely a local bar but it is also a common practice to organize such events in event or community halls. The purpose of such expos is to educate the people and making them aware of the vaping options they have available in their local area. Therefore, it is necessary to select a venue which is accessible to the general public. It is more like promotional event of the business by the local vendors. These events are usually four to five days long and are strategically designed for attracting customers out of the town as well. This makes it even more fun and to meet people from different community and fields.

Customization of Vape Mods

Nowadays another common trend is of the customization of the vape mods. In the past vape mods are available at the retail shops for the customers, they buy it and use it accordingly. But today it is more like customer want to customize the mod which suits his own personality and make it one of a kind. This trend started when the drill press was introduced on the atomizer, this will allow a custom air flow to your mod. Now it is an elaborate process where all the graphic designers come in, they design the product according to your needs and personality, then this design was transferred to the mod with the help of hydro drip process. This technique involves using water for the transferring of images on the mod with actually printing over it. The opinion of people is divided on this stance but majority of the vapers like to have their mods customized.