Uses and Benefits of Czech Glass Beads


Czech Republic is popularly known as a glass making region. Since the time of World Wars I and II, North Bohemia has specialized in making glass beads, especially since it had a high availability of the needed resources. Indeed, Czech glass beads are widely loved by artisans and fashion lovers. This post will discuss the history of Matubo, the types, and the benefits.

History of Czech Glass Beads

Before the 16th century, the cities in North Bohemia heated the glass with mined quartz and used them to make rosaries. After this period and the Industrial Revolution, more people became more interested in using these beads for fashion and decoration purposes.

Hence, mass production became possible, and holes were formed in the glass with the aid of a rod and mold. The glass making and cottage industry grew and engaged in export of the Czech glass beads to countries including Japan, thanks to people who produced and companies which sold. Based on popular interests, different designs of this bead were formed and markets traded a rich variety of patterns and colors.

It was only in the 20th century when the Czechoslovakian economy needed revival that the glass making industry became acknowledged by the government. More factories were established and more people, including prisoners, were engaged in the manufacturing process. In recent times, Preciosa has been more involved in this process, even though China and India have joined in the production and supply of these glass beads.

Types of Czech Glass Beads and Matubo

Czech glass beads come in a variety of patterns, colors, and designs. Some colors include green, pink, red, brown, blue, purple, and clear. Shapes include oval, teardrop, round, tube, plant, and bicone among others.

Matubo beads are available as:

  • Glass Rivoli beads
  • SuperDuo beads
  • Seed beads – this includes Luster, Picasso, Crystal, Jet, and more.

All of these glass beads come in a series of colors and shapes that enable jewelers and glass beads manufacturers to come up with highly-sought beads. Matubo beads have appealing colors that glitter and define style. At Matubo beads, we produce brilliant designs based on first class innovation and creativity.

Uses of Benefits of Matubo Beads

Matubo beads are Czech glass beads which belong to the family of handmade jewelry. For people who love carefully-designed jewelry that combines great craftsmanship and attention to detail, these beads make for an excellent choice. They can be used to recreate the vintage look or make something more contemporary to define your personality and distinguish you in any occasion or gathering.


Czech glass beads continually remain a major part of life in Czech Republic and other countries of the world. With different bead-weaving designs and stringing projects, one can always opt for unique handmade jewelry. Visit our store now to increase your collection!