Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings of All Time


On regular a wedding functions an invoice of a few thousand, otherwise about 30,000 in dollars plus 20,000 in pounds. Spouses that would like to have somewhat more than consistent would maybe be willing toward part by a couple of thousands more. It is, finally, a party that occurs (hopefully) once in a lifespan. There are those, yet, that are eager to invest millions just for a bridal.

Wedding occasions can be subtle and simple. However for the topmost level few, weddings should be luxurious and enormous. Such shows of deluxe could occasionally break the common roof plus set greatest records.  Visit for more:

Kim Kardashian plus Kris Humphries

With both her weddings creating the list megastar and trendsetter Kim Kardashian’s partnership toward rapper Kanye West packed a larger price tag. Relishing in Italy and France over a whole end of the week with a ritual Givenchy gown, florae value $75,000, resorts, transportation and all the sum comprehensive of the wedding was around $20-30 thousand.

Prince William plus Kate Middleton

Following in the activities of his parentages, Prince William had a much estimated and promoted bridal that was observed round the world. With 1,900 persons invited to the bridal, 600 at a lunch hosted by the Queen as well as 300 for a dinner organized by the Prince of William, and above a $400,000 wedding dress, $80,000 bridal dessert plus $800,000 value of florae the invoice go up to $34 thousand.

Vinisha Mittal plus Amit Bhatia

No hesitation that India’s richest man would throw an expensive bridal for his offspring Vanisha Mittal wedded banker Amit Bhatia in Versailles. The locality wedding party counting culinary specialists travelled in from India plus a performance by Kylie Minogue on the wedding reception value $78 thousand.

Prince Charles plus Lady Diana Spencer

Decades afterward this much-viewed event and even afterward wedding dropped separately, the bridal of Prince Charles as well as Lady Diana Spencer remnants to be the most costly bridal of all-time. The $ 48 thousand (attuned to $110 thousand as said by rising values rates) party involved 3500 audiences at the wedding, 120 at the bridal reception, 120 for a family mealtime, 27 wedding desserts as well as a onscreen coverage for around 750 thousand persons globally.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed plus King Salama

This 1981 bridal fit for royal’s requisite from the building of a ground from scratch to house the 20,000 visitors. Back in the day bridal costs were estimated at $45 thousand, however convert to around $100 thousand with deviation prices today.


We decide that weddings are a most significant occasion otherwise event in the world. We all distinguish that marriages are much renowned in the whole world. These days everybody is bearing an enormous amount of price of the wedding to keep their position as well as show off others. All these weddings are done in some majestic manner that creates them unforgettable. On these weddings, a great amount is spent on all the stuffs used for weddings like desserts, flowers, etc.