Tips on Making an Outstanding Modelling Portfolio

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If you want to establish a career as a model, you will need to have a modelling portfolio. Without an outstanding compilation of pictures to showcase what you look like in print, there is just no way for your career to take off. In fact, consider your modelling portfolio as the most essential task that you need to do as a model.

With this in mind, avoid making the mistake of just taking the pictures yourself. Avoid rushing through the whole thing too. You want a killer portfolio and below are some things that you can do to make sure that you indeed will have one.

Realistic pictures

What you want to establish is a portfolio that is going to be realistic in terms of the type of modelling that you expect to do. Remember that you will not be the one picking the jobs that you’ll do. The industry will be the one to pick you and the clients will be the ones to decide whether you are right for the kind of projects that they are doing or not. Doing some research and being honest about what you think is right for you and would fit you will ensure that you will not end up wasting time and resources. At the same time, this lessens the chances of rejection too.

Find a good photographer

Modelling agencies do encourage newer models to come up with a portfolio with varied content by working with different photographers. However, for models that are just starting out, this can make the whole thing very expensive. This is why it is best to find a photographer who will be able to understand your need to come up with photographs that showcase different looks and variety. Even with just one photographer, as long as he is a very good one, building a good portfolio is more than possible.

Search around

You need to know what kind of photographer it is that you are looking for. If you want to be a model in advertisements, then you will need to look for photographers that do commercial advertisements. They will know and understand what needs to be done to create the kinds of pictures that you require for your portfolio. Always do your own research to find one that is right for you and avoid contacting a modelling agency until such time as you have a portfolio. Showing up without one will only make you look unprofessional and unprepared.

Makeup and Clothing

Just as you need the right photographer to take the photos, you are going to need a make-up artist to make you look good in the photographs too. Shooting photographs for your portfolio minus a make-up artist is just career suicide. Think of your clothes as costumes to help you get convincing pictures based on the characters that you are portraying. Avoid florals and prints. They take the eyes away from you. Go for solid colours instead.

Before you head out to any modelling agency, always make sure that your portfolio is all set and ready. Follow the above tips to make sure that you have a truly impressive one.