The Woman Behind This MN/LA Based Clothing Label Is Here to Change the Way You Shop


If  Vanessa Donnelly   had it her way, you’d already be shopping her website . That, she believes, is the key to brand awareness, and giving consumers everywhere access to the smaller,MN/LA-based label. Still, the fact that Zenobian Moxis  has thus far existed only online, in pop-ups, and at their LA showroom doesn’t seem to be a hindrance to its growing popularity. According to Vanessa, who chatted with us via phone, Zenobian Moxis is up a whopping 140 percent year over year. That’s a testament that something is clearly working, and we have some ideas.

With it being  a list of limited options of places to shop affordable designer goods, she decided to create a platform to buy beautiful, lasting apparel at an affordable price point.

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