The Inside Scoop: How Dr. Keshia Gaines Acts Behind the Scenes

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In the behind the scenes magazine issue of The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine, the editors and assistants tell fans how it is to work with Dr. Gaines. It is obvious that she worked alongside a great team to produce this magazine.

Trichi Murphy is one of the writers and main editors of this magazine. She values Dr. Gaines in every aspect and can easily be seen by how much she appreciates her in the interview taken.  She plays a great part as almost every article goes by her before it reaches Dr. Gaines.

Waynetta Lewis is the associate editor. She explains in her interview how serious Dr. Gaines is with her magazine. She works hard to make this a popular and knowledgeable magazine. Each article inside the magazine is thoroughly checked before it is finalized for publishing. This requires a great amount of concentration and brain power.

Gloria Gipson is the Executive Assistant. She has worked hard alongside with Dr. Gaines on this magazine. She has done a great job in promoting this magazine in many cities and even worldwide. In this competitive world, it is very hard to make your work well known within a small amount of time. Clearly, she has not failed as we are talking about it already. Great efforts must have been placed no doubt.

Maja Nicolik is the graphic designer of this magazine. She is a professional and has done a great job, which can easily be seen throughout the magazine. Every now and then we come across an individual who is a graphic designer, no doubt Dr. Gaines picked the best one. Maja is a very hard working person whose work cannot be neglected.

Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine

William Colgin is the photographer of this magazine. He plays a major role in Dr. Gaines’s professional look. Perfect pictures are the key attraction to many viewers. His job is as crucial as any other individual on the team.

Marilyn Hankins is the Public Relations Director of this magazine. She helps with public relations and special events. Having a voice and assisting Dr. Gaines within the team is very important for a magazine, as one is writing it for the interest of the public. She often helps with Dr. Gaines wardrobe, jewelry and hairstyles. She explains in her interview how she often helps her and the last event she was present with her.

All the team members speak and think highly of Dr. Gaines. They all also hold high hopes for this magazine. Which is natural as they all are working so hard on it, to make it the next big thing in the industry.

Dr. Gaines must be very proud of the people she has selected to help her throughout this project. I would suggest to whoever is reading this to give it a go for this magazine.

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