The Comforts and Class of A Ladies Polo Shirt


One nice thing about ladies polo shirts is that they never go out of fashion. The clothing is one that is a classic piece of clothing and can be worn at any occasion always offering a clean look of sophistication. If you are going to a party, a stroll down the street or even just going out for a casual afternoon of golfing;  this is the piece of clothing that will offer comfort and style. Polo shirts suit any body type, allowing women to be comfortable with their figure and size. The shirts are simply a fashion suitable for everyone, and they are here to stay, making a great addition to any wardrobe.

Ladies polo shirts are an emblem of both elegance and simplicity. When you are torn between choices and you don’t know what to wear, then, polo shirts should come to your rescue. In situations where you are not sure what is the exact dress code, and you risk overdressing and being out of place, then again, polo shirts can be able to incorporate that straightforward and official look that you desire. In simple terms, polo shirts are a jack of all trades and you can pick them for any event that comes to your mind.

Types of ladies polo shirts

One mistake that many people make is to think that ladies polo shirts are the same. While all basic concept of a polo shirt might be the same, here at Simply Uniforms Ladies Polo Shirts we offer a variety of ladies polo shirts. Our shirts are designed to different styles, and you can be sure always to find what is most suitable for you. Apart from the great diversity regarding brands such as panorama, Kiera, Murray, and Nitro polo, we can categorize the ladies polo shirts using the following factors:


Body fit- Many women’s clothing always come with an option of the suitable size. Therefore, we also offer different types of ladies polo shirts both as fitting and loose. For the ladies who are confident enough with their female body shape, then, the fitted polo shirts would do the trick as they can bring out the female figure perfectly.

Colour- Colour is an important aspect of any clothing. With many colors to choose from, you can have the perfect match or blend to complete your outfit. There are the plain colored ladies polo shirts, such as those that are purely white, blue or gray and there are those with strips and designs of different colors.

The length of the sleeve- Different women prefer different sleeve lengths for their polo shirts. Although, short sleeved ladies polo shirts are the most popular, some ladies prefer long sleeved or sleeveless shirts.  Simply Uniforms has all the different styles at our store that offers consumers the choices they like.

How to use polo shirts for business

A new trend in business is the ladies polo shirts for business attires. This is specifically so for branded shirts. You can always order a certain number of branded polo shirts, complete with logos for your employees to wear and market your brand. You can also opt to add a short message on the shirts, and we shall be glad to do all these for you.

For small businesses and companies looking for something unique for their employees, polo shirts are the way to go. Ladies polo shirts are very durable and resistant to stain and chemicals. Thus, they can be easily used in industries for kitchen staffs. They are specially suitable for factory workers as they can be able to withstand the harsh conditions and are easy to maintain. Durability is also not a problem in this case as these shirts will last for a very long time without getting torn or wearing down.


Ladies polo shirts are a favorite for many people as they can be used for a wide variety of activities. We, therefore, have a number of discount packages for our customers. All that you have to do is to get in touch with us and enquire about the available discounts.

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