Women’s sunglasses are essential tools for any female closet. We take a variety of fashion style to help you describe your uniqueness. There are elegant and great sunglasses for the glamorous or sexy women look. Watch the control with the oven sunglasses or go for the fun aspect with all varieties of rainbow color. Sunglasses or sunglasses are a form of protective goggles that mainly avoid sunlight and light or lightning with a view to unhappiness. They can always work as visual aid, as there are different types of springs or glasses, which are colored, polarized or black. In the early 20th century, they were known as pig cheaters (cheaters were an American slang term for a glass). Every time a person is in the sun, American Automotive Association recommends sunglasses to protect the eyes from ultraviolet (UV) radiation and blue light, which can lead to many serious eye problems. It is recommended for some surgical procedures, such as LASIK, and frozen areas for a specific period of time, when home and after a TV screen or after a computer monitor after LASEK. Sunglasses can be popular as a fashion tool, especially on the beach. Sunshine is more widely used, especially in movie stars. It is generally believed that this was meant by fans to avoid identification, but sometimes there is an alternative reason that most often powerful arc lamps have red eyes that require the use of extremely slow film stocks. They were [Referral] The Strip type continues to be long after the quality of the film was eliminated and the introduction of filters.

Sunlight light provides more protection than light, which includes pain and hidden ingredients. The most widely protected anti-radiation is against radiation, which can produce short-term and long-term eye problems such as phagocytes, ice eyes, bead thickness, Guinea track and various types of ocular cancer. Medical experts advise people about the importance of wearing sunglasses to know about safety. For proper protection, experts recommend the sun that filters or filters 99% or more of UVA and UVB light, with dimensions up to 400 megawatts. Sunglasses in front of this sunset are often labeled as “UV400”. It is a bit more protective than the European Union economy widely used (see below), which needs to be reflected or filtered up to 95 percent of the radiation only 380 mm. Sunlight is not enough to protect the eyes against permanent damage, even in a key solar period that manages the sun. It is important for special eyes known as the sun visor for direct viewing of the sun. The eyes of this type of eyes can filter the UV radiation harmful to the eyes.

One of the only ways to estimate sun protection is that lens, or the manufacturer or, ideally. Many sunglasses (see below) allow for general UV protection (but not protection of the blue light), and manufacturers often indicate that the sun instead of covering the needs of a particular standard Correct the data instead of publishing. The standard “ignore” test for the sun is adequate. The lens should fit enough so that only “very hungry” can reach its eyes or above or below its sides, but not close to the eyelashes full of lenses. To protect against the “hungry light” from the sides, fit the temples of the lens closer and / or open the eyes or leather eyes of temple temples. Tunnel Vision 7 became a global destination for those looking for cutting pieces for their wardrobe. We sell streets of incredibly elegant streets that you cannot find in stores. We have chosen our hands from all over the world, a specialty of luxury. We are a brand that is not only fun parts of our products, but most of the quality. Tunnel Vision 7 sells incredibly elegant street edges that you cannot find in stores. We have handcrafted items that have a specialty of luxury.