Street Style Fashion Trends for Slim to Curvy Beauties for Spring/Summer 2018


Legends have it, “Women need no excuse to shop”. And why should they require an excuse to shop anyways? The world becomes a better place when you shop – the best therapy to uplift your mood that is out there. Right?

Having a bad day at work? Feeling under the weather? Need a little pick me up? Wanna do some self TLC? Buy something trendy; something cute; something that makes you feel pretty and self-confident! Also, the fashion verdict for Spring and Summer 2018 is out, and this makes it the perfect time for you to shop a bit and give your wardrobe a fashion update!

When it comes to fashion and styling tips for curvy ladies, a common misconception is to wear loose, chunky, oversized, baggy clothes. Well, that is old fashion myth, ditch it! No matter your weight, age, size or shape – you need to learn to dress according to your body shape. For curvy or plus-sized women, it is best to wear clothes that accentuate your body’s strong features and draw attention away from your problem areas. This means wearing clothes that fit! No jumbo-sized crap!

At Paris Couture Fashion Week 2018, the street style fashion trends were heavily inspired by the Parisian fashion. High-waist denims with solid black tees and leather jackets were a roaring rage. However, if you are a curvy beauty, you need to improvise this trend a little to suit your body shape best. Instead of high-waist jeans, opt for low-rise or mid-rise denim and go for a crop to instead of a t-shirt.

Low-rise jeans and cold shoulder crop tops would be in vogue for spring and summer 2018; so you better jump on the bandwagon and get yourself some. Also, stripes and pleats would be the ‘it’ trend. You can either opt for pleated skirt with a bandeau top and accessorize with a lace jacket or go with a loose chiffon blouse over a pleated skirt for a bohemian chic vibe.

Lace blouses for women are a trend that is going to transcend from winters to spring season for 2018. A good lace blouse works with everything; from white chinos to denims to mini-skirt, it looks classy and edgy no matter what. Bright red was having a solid moment for winters but for spring season, pastels and muted shades would be trending.