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Buying New versus Pre-Owned: The Rolex brand is synonymous with success and luxury. This is because Rolex prides itself on its precise and beautifully crafted timepieces. Those that want to prize themselves because of their success or are simply just dressing for future years they are preparing to have can convey their programs with a Rolex. While a Rolex is really worth the purchase, not everyone who deserves a Rolex are able a whole new one. If you fail to afford a whole new model or are searching for a particular model that is no more produced, a pre-owned Rolex is an ideal solution. Buy used watches, When you get a used timepiece you can like an exact and stylish watch out for a small fraction of the price tag on a whole new one.

There are various benefits to purchasing pre-owned luxury watches:

Price: One of the primary benefits to buying a pre-owned watch is that you can like a vital price discount while still acquiring at the very top and valuable timepiece.

Value: Investing in a Rolex watch can be considered a sound and valuable investment. Like fine wines or collectibles, some Rolex models upsurge in value as time passes. For instance, some models which were made for specialists, like the Rolex GMT Get good at that was developed for Skillet Am pilots, or extreme-sports fans, like the Submariner for deep-sea divers, are a few of the most highly sought-after models. Even if the model is not just one of the very most popular, the materials it is constructed of are high quality. Rolex uses the best possible gold, stainless steel and other valuable metals to ensure each watch is durable yet luxurious. Rolex watches are specifically designed to hold their value, allowing you to keep them, sell them or even pass them down.

Innovation: Rolex has always been a forward-thinking company, implementing new and progressive technology into their watches. For instance, Rolex developed the first water-resistant watch case. Rolex was also the first company to provide a watch with dual time areas about the same watch face.

Quality: Rolex pieces are not produced in higher quantities. Instead, each timepiece is carefully constructed by hand. Along with offering the best in watchmaking practices, Rolex also utilizes the finest materials like chemical industry grade steel which is prized for its extreme resistance to corrosion. The enduring quality means that even if you purchase a Rolex watch that is 20 years old you know you will be getting technology, craftsmanship and precision that will certainly stand the test of time.

Second-hand Rolex watches depreciate in value slower

The single biggest moment of depreciation for a watch is the moment when it goes from being ‘new’ to ‘pre-owned’. Therefore, when you buy a brand new Rolex, it depreciates in value instantly, even before it has sustained a single scrape or lost a single second in time. By contrast, second-hand Rolex watches depreciate far slower.

Put simply, this means that should you ever decide to sell your watch, you will take less of a hit. Chances are, after a 12 months of use, your second-hand Rolex will be worth roughly the same as it was when you bought it. Conversely, a brand new Rolex, after one year of use, will be worth substantially less than it was when you bought it.


A wisely purchased watch is a good investment. When writing this, I mean, of course, a watch from a trusted source, with a set of accompanying documents and from a limited edition of a reputable brand. Such watches, made in small amounts and brief series, will be the ones most respected and desired by enthusiasts later on. Certainly, they are usually the priciest ones, and even they are usually the best capital investment. Perhaps one of the most extreme situations is worth talking about.