Milan – Stylish Shopping Fashion Center


Milan, in northern Italy, is an ancient city of Celtic origin. 22 BC Rome is captured by the people, since it has won the fashion industry. Staying in a hotel in the center of Milan, the fashion capital of the world, allows the perfect opportunity to find out. Among visitors to the city through Via della Spiga and found on the road should not pass the opportunity to indulge in the pleasure of shopping Montenapaleone.

Golden Tractor – a shopping mecca

Step out of your charming Milan center hotel and catch a taxi or quadrilatero d’Oro walk across – Golden Quad. The heart of Milan’s fashion district and the city is home to the very best. Indeed, the unchanged top Italian designers to praise the quality of a shopping mecca. From Italy and around the world-famous designers boutiques line the streets. Everything Armani, Versace is within easy reach.
Via is home to several stores right Montenapeleone world famous designers. Stop and Shop Armani, Cartier, Valentino or purchase. Tanino Crisci or visit Uomo. Shoppers Via St. Missoni, Dolce & Gabhan, Chanel and Prada boutiques can be chic. Bulgari, Bottega Veneta and Sergio Rossi in Via della Spiga are well-known brands.

Types of Armani – Its Megastore

Milan center from your hotel’s main door, it’s popular, yet stylish Armani Megastore is easy to follow the crowd. This one you simply must visit if you are a fashionista. Golden is located on the tractor via Manzoni, head to Armani Megastore Armani is all things. Inside, 8,000 square feet, you can wander through the Armani fashion.
Emporio Armani and Armani Jeans wander through. Armani Casa – there is a chance the latest retail. Here, you can buy items for your home elegant. Armani Casa home furnishings, books and artwork, Armani clothes ready to make your environment as spectacular as proposals.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – a grand mall

Milan center is staying in a hotel not far from the historic district, which is the most famous in the city is easy to get to the mall. The 19th century structure is nothing if not pretty. As originally built in 1861 and supervised by Giuseppe Mengoni, the Galleria first opened in 1878, it began, the earliest example of urban renewal has created a stir among the upper class. Il Salotto di Milano (Milan’s drawing room) – it is his nature and reputation for excellence.

Double down a beautiful shopping arcade. Iron and corrugated glass dome runs the length of the building, creating a cross-domed structure. Eagles large plaster will be supported. Marble mosaic floor with internal neo-Renaissance elements. This treasure, restored in 1966, is a symbol of various Italian cities. Rome, Milan, a wolf, a green and white flag bull standing in Turin to Florence to look down to see a red cross. You have a foot on the bull’s genitalia and can stand at the start of round three times. According to local custom, will bring you good luck.

Before heading back to your hotel in Milan center, Art Nouveau Bar Luca, or sip an aperitif in a stylish restaurant Savini around. Bocca, Garzanti or Rizzoli: Buy a book on the intersection of the best bookstores. Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton’s Pride fell through. The world-famous Teatro alla Scala (La Scala) – later, by the fans in the form of the triumphal arch of the city’s most famous landmarks leave.