Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress: A Classic and Modern Choice

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Most weddings these days are focused around a theme; and, as tradition goes, most popular themes are classic weddings. This embodies a certain decade wherein the entire wedding’s collaboration is centered upon. For to-be-weds that are choosing a classic theme for their special day, it is wonderful to make the most of it from the decorations to the wedding dress.  With a Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress, you can achieve that dreamy archetypal look and be glamorous and memorable at the same time. The brand collection of dresses and gowns are created for that modern and romantic look. However, regardless of the bevy of options you can have, there will always be that dilemma of what year to pick since there are so many decades of looks to choose.

Wearing vintage on your wedding day can make you feel unique and of course special. Vintage weddings are always notable. When planning your vintage themed wedding, ideal decades to choose from are from the 20s down to the 70s. You can find a  Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress that can identify to any of these times. Its dresses come with modern twists making it look much dandier. You can choose designs that can suit your shape and style preference.

Now, what can classical gowns offer that conventional wedding gowns cannot? Primarily, if the gown you are wearing is an authentic or antique gown, then you could assume that this has better quality since fabrics then are stronger and of better quality. You can also have more styles to choose from, and it is one hundred percent unique. Most of the time, vintage dresses come at very affordable prices. A Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress can be the right vintage dress for you because you can choose unique and quality gowns that come with stronger fabrics.

Bridal Secret Wedding Dress

The great thing when choosing classic gowns is that brides have more flexible choices. Today’s women no longer commit towards wearing purely white gowns during their wedding day as per tradition. However, if you want to be at par with tradition and maintain the classical feel of your wedding, you can, of course, wear a white, off white or even beige gown. A Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress that embodies the classic and modern times can surely help you achieve that vintage and traditional look you dreamed of on your wedding day.

As mentioned before, choosing the decade can be one of the predicaments you’ll have when pinning that vintage wedding. The 20’s, for example, has gowns that are loose fitting with no waistbands. Gowns at this decade have narrow shoulders and are typically airy. If you are plump or petite and have small busts and small or medium hips, then this can significantly work for you. You can look for a Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress with a similar detail.

You can also choose the thirties. Wedding dresses of this era are slimmer and narrower and can reveal your vivacious curves. For taller, straighter, and curvier brides this can be the perfect look. As for the forties, puffed shoulders are in. Forties gowns also have sweetheart necklines and shorter lengths. Plus size and curvy brides can do well with this era’s gowns. The fifties, on the other hand, offer full-length princess cuts and fitted waist gowns. If you go back to history, this decade was the time when you see most women having full waists and small busts. Moreover, in the sixties and seventies, gowns had narrower skirts and puffer shoulders. A loose and flowy gown can best resemble this decade.

With a Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress, you can surely choose which decade you can look.