Looking for the best water shoes?


Congratulations, you will find the answer here. The popularity of water shoes has soared due to versatile features which are no longer the unsightly and impractical beasts that they once were. We can see from the Google trends in the figure below that the number of searches of water shoes is increasing year by year.

So, what is water shoes? Water shoes not only provide a safe barrier between rocks and other objects, they also provide slip protection, are much more comfortable than regular shoes, are much light in weight and easily drain. Well, it is a broad category, there are several different types of water shoes, and it may be a bit confusing to differentiate between each at the line between each is a bit blurred. Based on our research, water shoes can be divided into three main types according to the specific occasion.


Water shoes are a great choice for short hikes due to their quick drying properties and breathability. Ever walked on a sharp, rocky lake bed or floated through turbulent whitewater after falling out of your boat. Water shoes protect your feet from the spikes, bumps, and abrasions of the unfriendly underwater world, all while keeping the rocks and sediment out.

Our advise, look for a shoe that has a rugged sole and plenty of protection. A thick sole will be better for hiking and walking, as it offers protection, traction, and longer durability. The outsole is one of the most important parts of a water shoe as it will dictate how you can use it. This is because the type of traction will let you know what kind of surfaces you can walk on without slipping or losing your footing. Some water shoes are built to allow for hiking on rocky terrain, while others may be designed for flat surfaces, such as on a boat.

The other thing to consider with the outsole is whether or not it has holes in it. Many water shoes have openings to allow water to drain out, but this also means that sand, dirt, and rocks can come in relatively easily. As such, you want to get water shoes with larger holes if you don¡¯t plan on walking through water, and ones with smaller holes if you do.

Second Type: Boat Water Shoes

Standing in a boat? Prioritize traction. Best shoes will utilize tackier rubber on aggressive outsoles. The traction will keep you on your feet if you are stepping in and out of a boat by the riverbed or trekking up some slipper rocks on the trail. So, which kind of sole material has best anti-slip effect? Rubber. Not eva or tpr material.

Third Type: Aqua Socks / Swimming Water Shoes

This kind of shoes differ from above water shoes in that they don’t have a thick sole or sturdy upper. They are designed to be worn in low-impact, low-intensity situations, such as:

+Water aerobics
+Swimming pools
+Beach walking
+Sand volleyball
+Water Sports

They are useful for those who spend a lot of time in the water, but who also want protection from sand or slick surfaces. They protect your feet from broken glass, sharp rocks, hot surfaces, fish hooks (yikes), coral reefs, sharp-edged mussels, and even parasites.

These water shoes are also designed to give you excellent traction on the beach and at the poolside. The rubber outsole ensures solid grip on the ground and provides support and stability at the same time.

These water socks are perfect for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, walking, or any other leisurely pool or beach activity. As an added bonus, the thin material makes them ideal for wearing under fins.

These water shoes will take you from your hotel to the ocean and everywhere between making them a great shoe for vacations. The lightweight design can easily fit into your luggage. These can be used as shower shoes when abroad and can help to increase your everyday hygiene.

All features made it the most versatile water shoes.

There is not best water shoes if you choose the wrong type of shoes. Before making the purchase of any water shoes, it’s important that you analyze the activities in which you might be involved while using them. The purpose of having best water shoes is to be out of your shoes while keeping your feet protected and comfortable.

When looking for the best water shoes, we highly recommend that you keep your eyes on two thing: the outsole material and the outsole pattern. The most optimal material for anti-slipping purpose is rubber.

Finally, it is important to go for a pair of water shoes that fits you perfectly. After all, no one likes to be inconvenienced or uncomfortable because of an incorrect size. Why we talk about size, because water shoes are total different from regular shoes, it is a barefoot(sockless) shoes , especially for aqua socks. So our advise, always check the size chart before ordering.