Lia Kees Wins Miss Europe 2016


Miss Europe 2016 – Lia Kees: While beauty meets heart they get model as well as role model Lia Kees. Lately winning the fashionable title of Miss Europe 2016, Lia promotes additional than just splendor – philanthropy. Lia is presently pursing a mission in Salzburg, wherever she aids contestants be attractive, stylish as well as self-assured.

Inspiring other young females to flourish will be a staple at the occasion wherever Lia’s is to plant optimism and pleasure. She learned these core morals from her life advisor, R., who is still one the main motivations for her.

Lia plans to do excessive things through her title as well as be the greatest role model to fresher women who look up to her as well as dream to become prosperous like her one day.

Lia Kees has been in the forefront of the modeling business as an entire. Breaking bounds inside the pageantry, style and gaining widespread experience inside the diverse cultures, Lia has prepared it.

Her determination as well as steady hard work had ultimately paid off. She ultimately had won Miss Europe 2016 held on Lebanon this year. In a most current interview of hers through regards to the Miss Europe triumph, Lia recounts a small bit more than what would usually meet the eye. She imitates on how splendor is outside the looks however also a kind of consciousness that it takes to understand you want both a fit body and a great persona. Taking care of one’s self is tremendously significant in any future relations whether personally otherwise professionally.


Her first modeling familiarity was while she was 14. At that moment she did a lot of works as a catwalk model. It was a excessive experience for her– she learned the skill of modeling, how to pace on a dais as well as pose for cameras

Lia trusts on her family for the great provision that she has received up till her achievements at this point. She trusts that young pageants are tremendously hard on the growing young adults to be capable to handle the occasion’s pressures as an entire.  Lia’s vision understands that inside the beauty industry there is something for everybody and that carnivals is not for everybody.

Model Lia Kees was born in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, plus she immigrated in to the Czech Republic in 2001, wherever she afterward acquired Czech nationality.

Lia partaken in a worldwide beauty contest for the first time wherever she signified the Czech Republic and because of that we could boast that we have the most gorgeous Miss Europe – World’s Subsequent Top Model.

The contest was held in Beirut, Lebanon, as well as was attended through a total of 44 girls as well as 12 jurors from which Lia got the utmost number of points. The entire competition persisted three days. Lia is now making for another worldwide competition Miss Bikini Universe.

 The flexibility among the modeling, style, entertainment as well as pageant trades are one of the few that she could dive into next. Through a good head on her shoulders as well as a positive mindset, she can overcome her next attempt in no time, perhaps even the next Domain’s Top Model.