Leading International Fashion Brand Sells Apparel and Accessories for Men and Women


United States, 2th Dec 2016 – AmaryMekakiv, a well-known global fashion trademark for men and women, is now selling an assortment of premium quality clothes, hand-made leather products, perfumes custom made, beach wear, and other premium accessories through its e-commerce website.

It is also introducing Premium Platinum Club through the AmaryMekakiv exclusive launching party and succeeding VIP parties all over Europe and Asia.

AmaryMekakiv’s Premium Card holders become member of the AmaryMekakiv Family and rewarded with huge discounts and rebates.

In designing its products, AmaryMekakiv considered the fact that fashion-conscious individuals have varying preferences for wardrobe, accessories, shoes, footwear, bags and makeup. Fashion is crucial for them to be successful in their respective careers, create a positive impression or stand out in social activities.

Expert designers of AmaryMekakiv realize that fashion should not be interpreted only as a way of putting clothes on the physical form, but also as a way of expressing the person’s uniqueness.

The truth is fashion adds a feeling of gorgeousness, color and overall attraction to the trendy person. While different cultures and societies evolve into other forms, trends and styles in fashion are changed even more rapidly. For AmaryMekakiv, fashion-conscious individuals with an eye for a particular vogue must be capable of keeping up with all these changes. People should realize that fashion should not be interpreted only as a way of putting clothes on the physical form, but also as a way of expressing the person’s uniqueness.

These were the factors that guided AmaryMekakiv in coming up with smart clothing and accessories. AM is aware that those with an interest in fashion seek to keep up with constant changes.

Fashion deserves a second look just like the clothes that people wear. It is not merely for usage but the deeper meaning that it communicates. It may get to be more complicated but the bottom line is that a man or woman should pay attention closely to fashion.

AmaryMekakiv has offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, and The Ukraine. It also created 13 AM Clubs in key cities all over the world including New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, and Barcelona.

The AM Exclusive Gold Edition premium unisex t-shirt is an epitome of quality and elegant style.  Wearing this shirt means that the customer is part of AmaryMekakiv’s elite fashion brand.

Other featured collections of AmaryMekakiv are the New Women’s fashion designer messenger cross body bag for women; premium faux leather messenger bag; premium hobo shoulder bag and faux leather satchel tote for women; and messenger fashion mini bag with deer toy shell shape also for women. All these come in suitable colors that will certainly match the whims of meticulous shoppers.

Of course, AmaryMekakiv designers know the importance of beauty and durability. It is one of the reasons why AM’s handcrafted items were made with care and details to ensure that these will turn out as exquisite, resilient and long-lasting.

For the holiday season, earnest shoppers can check out the website of AmaryMekakiv at https://www.amarymekaviv.com/ to view its wide range of products and promos.

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