Lea Muses – an artist who’s new project is based in Amsterdam.


Lea is a recent transport from New York City, Talks about her style and shares her brand new deep house record. The record has a strangely familiar feel. Bringing us back to the days of battle dance records. The video features a circus acrobat on silks and a sexy Brazilian kuduro dancer Willy Noir who was recently featured on Vice World and Fader for his fast paced choreography workshops in Paris. For Double Cross he lends his panache to this deep warehouse sound. A song written by Lea and co writer Tymon Bijlhout going by the name Desmon for his club tracks. This marks Lea’s 4th release as an electronic musician. Her music has been featured in WAD magazine, Vogue online and in a commercial for Italian lingerie mega brand Calzedonia.

If you ask Lea what the next step for this sound she replies; “Of course we are hoping for more commercial placements and gigs at spots in the future but really we just want people to dance. and turn it up LOUD! Amsterdam has a true root in this sound. (deep house) I am stoked to be working on new music with a different perspective. Coming from the US we have a whole different relationship to house music. I first fell in love with it as a kid sneaking into parties in Rotterdam.”