Hottie Hair Extensions: Best Experience with High Quality Hair Extensions


It seems that every day there is a new brand of hair extensions in the market, each claiming to be the latest and greatest. Sometimes I get the perception that everyone thinks that this is a get rich quick scheme. Frankly, it’s not quite that simple and evens much less so for the stylist and the consumer. Beauty professionals we look forward to working with you and furthering your education, income, and beauty with Hottie Hair Extensions.  Hottie Hair Extensions. Specializing in Halo Hair Extensions, Tape In Hair Extensions, I-Tip Hair Extensions, Clip In Hair Extensions, Weft and Ombre Hair Extensions.

Buying human hair and human hair extensions is about as easy as buying white paint. You understand that feeling when you attend your preferred hardware store and find out white paint from $10 to $50 a gallon? If the salesman were to open up all the cans to be able to see the color you’d see precisely what you thought, many cans of white color that appear to be a white color. You can’t start to see the quality, if it drips, if it addresses well, if it’s durable, cleanable, etc. They are all requirements that generally help you to make a purchase. However, people in the color industry know very well what to consider. We often use them and their advice whenever choosing a color brand. Normally you get what you purchase. Low-cost color usually compatible poor software or poor results. The truth is that the locks industry is very little better or different. For the buyer, many stylists, as well as perhaps many new suppliers buying locks, is similar to buying paint. You only “know” what you see. You imagine that if it feels good it must be good. If it’s “cheap” it must be a good value. If the packaging looks chic than perhaps the product must be as well. And so on. The reality is that the hair extension market is flooded with so many products that making a prudent and educated selection is more difficult now than ever.

Each month new brands arrive. Where did these entrepreneurs come from? What is there knowledge base for buying human hair? Is it possible that they are just jumping on the bandwagon? The answer to those questions is, unfortunately, we don’t know. The factories, mostly in China, don’t ask those questions. If you can pay, you can buy. However, they are experienced and astute and know when a buyer hasn’t a clue what he/she is buying. I don’t wish to infer that all factory management is unscrupulous because that is not so. However, caveat emptor, especially when the buyer is a novice.

Clip-ins and other temporaries: Clip-ins is wefts of locks that are attached to a clip. Clip-ins comes in many different sizes so they can be positioned all around the head. They are great for that client who wants instant gratification for special occasions. Clip-Ins takes a short amount of time to put in and around the head. They can add size and volume in just about every cost range, structure, and color. They actually offer synthetic locks, but I really do recommend to my clients that real locks are much simpler to style when working with high temperature. Halos are short-term alternatives to clip-ins. It’s for clients looking for the duration and/or quantity. And, they’re ideal for someone with locks that cannot deal with stress. Halos come with an undetectable cable linked to the weft of the locks. It uses the weight of the client’s own locks (which is stopped the halo) to keep it secure on the top.

Tape-in: Tape-ins can be utilized for some duration, but I take advantage of them on clients to get more quantity and thickness. It requires only a brief time frame to set up the extensions. The visitor needs to come Atlanta divorce attorneys 6 to 8 weeks to keep these things removed and reinstalled. These are applied to a warmed tool that gets hotter a thin remove of glue that is on the locks weft. The client’s locks are put between two wefts to make a seal. They are doing need to be careful with using heavy conditioners or natural oils because that can cause sliding. They may be nice for clients because they can reuse the extensions often before needing to order new extensions.