Discover awesome geek gifts for every different type of geeky


Everybody loves at least one nerd or geek. You may be one yourself. Searching for nerds and geeks will be a lot of fun, specially when you get access to a number of geeks- and nerd-approved items. This set of gifts includes techie trinkets, technology fiction fun, and bizarre oddities that will appeal to the geekiest people you know!

Geeky gift ideas – Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

Wish you could play the guitar, but lack the strength to lug one around with you? Do you know a person who strums air acoustic guitar, however they can use a little something extra? The Electronic Rock Guitar Clothing is perfect for both of you! The t-shirt is within the classic dark and has an electric guitar and mini-amp built right in.

Useless Box Kit

The Useless Box Kit is the perfect present for anyone that has ever wondered ‘what that switch goes to’? Admit it, we’ve all done it. You will flip the activate the box and also have your interest satiated. Or do you want to? The box transforms itself off in the blink of an eye and the secret will begin again!

Star Wars R2d2 Lunch Bag

Are you a Star Wars enthusiast? Do you like R2D2? You will bring the lovable automatic robot to lunchtime with you every day. This lunchtime handbag is designed like the beloved research fiction personality and can help you tote sandwiches, snack foods, and beverages anywhere you decide to go. The handbag is insulated and BPA so your lunchtime stays chilly, free and safe.

Cupcake Bath Bombs

If you love sweets, but your waistline doesn’t love you loving sweets, Cupcake Bath Bombs are for you. These scrumptious treats fizz in the bathtub while you relax. They may be calorie free but smell like your favorite baked goods. Their whimsical look adds fun to every bathroom. They are sold in packages of sevens, and that means you get to try a variety of different flavors.

Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears

Now you can cosplay like never before. The Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears move based on your thoughts and how hard you are concentrating. As you focus on something or you relax, the ears move in unison with your brain waves. This costume accessory will amaze and pleasure even your most cynical friends.

Star Wars Family Car Decals

Show your love of Star Wars to everyone driving behind your vehicle. These zany stickers mimic your preferred heroes from the movie but in honor of your family. You will find 18 different heroes available, so everyone in your family can be displayed by their favorite. Don’t forget the family pet! Ewoks or Yoda are great for representing Fido or Fluffy.

Canned Unicorn Meat

Nothing is more great tasting than Canned Unicorn Meat. It really hits the spot when you are craving something with that added sparkle taste. Sold in traditionally canned meat tins, Canned Unicorn Meat is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys unicorns or has only a slightly off-beat sense of humor.

Infectious Disease Balls

Now you can bring your favorite infectious disease to life with the Infections Disease Balls. These are stress balls that when squeeze, mimic the look of a variety of different diseases. Choose from smallpox, bubonic plague, the zombie virus, or everyone’s favorite schoolyard illness, cooties!Camera Lens Mug

Shopping for your favorite photographer can get pricey, but novelty items like the Camera Lens Mug are perfect. The mug works just like any other mug, but it is shaped like an authentic camera lens. Fool friends and family into thinking you are actually drinking out of a camera lens! The mug is suitable for both hot and cold beverages.

Bacon Wallet

Keep your bacon in bacon! The bacon wallet is a traditional wallet made to look like strips of bacon. All your favorite pork product loving friends will adore a wallet that looks as if it is made from bacon. This durable wallet has room for both cash and credit cards, and folds in half for easy storage.