Cherry Pie Tour


EDM singer and songwriter, fashion influencer and surrounded by her Pirates (Fans), The Kraken Music find her self between Tours in America and Brazil, two record labels, singles with more than half million plays and views on Spotify and Youtube, with the feeling that “I’m just getting started”. The 25-year-old fashion influencer creates not only her music but the concept between her stage clothes and lifestyle looks. With different hair colors, shining pieces, and a very strong cartoon reference, she says that besides being comfortable for her heavy performances, she feels that her fashion contributes to her energy on stage “I can be myself and that reflects on what I make people feel. Like confidence, fun, and part of something great. We need that every day.”

She also talked about what’s coming next, “I’m always working on something ‘under the water’ some might say, so there’s definitely a new single coming and a new concept behind it, this one is very mysterious.”

The singer of “You and I” was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and started her international career without even leaving her house, “I’m very used to produce, sing, write and record songs working by distance with producers all around the world, so when – Pirates Of Samba – feat Mr. Diddy came out and was featured in Hit Mania along big names of dance scene and Universal Music Italy, I was still in Brazil.” Her song also was 63# on the Electro House charts on Beatport. Only after this song, Kraken really started her career releasing “You and I” in 2017 with Warner Brasil.

About the Pirates, “I’ve always had fans listeners from different places like Germany, Italy, UK and in 2018 we also had a lot of fans and fan bases coming from USA, Japan, and China. My Pirates from Brazil had found me talking in English, it was funny at first! I feel so much love for them, all my Pirates are very special. I call them Pirates because they always find gold first, all the cultures are respected and when they call me, I’ll be there.”

For 2019, Kraken will start her tour bringing her project made in Brazil called “Cherry Pie Tour”. A Party with attitude, EDM and style. With tropical references, colorful clothes, and guest DJs Cherry Pie made some legends editions before, now for the first time crossing the seas to different waters.

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