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Platinum is eternal. It’s the perfect present to enjoy love. Normally white, this 100 % pure metal will not tarnish or wear away as time passes and lasts permanently. An insider’s guide to the world’s most precious jewellery metallic. Precious platinum is the perfect choice for the woman of today – it is versatile, beautiful, resilience, elegant yet they have concealed power. Choosing valuable platinum is the perfect way expressing your own style, individuality and strength. Platinum ring designs, This guide answers the questions it’s likely you have whenever choosing your platinum jewellery.

Platinum Qualities:


Platinum is durability, eternal and with everlasting radiance. Platinum’s unequalled strength and level of resistance to wear helps it be the soundest and protective steel, this means your jewellery will be covered for life of wear. Platinum will not change form or wear away so valuable stones are kept firmly and safely.


Platinum is pure, naturally white and it is kind to your skin. Platinum is a normally white metal so that it will not ensemble any of its color into a gemstone. Usually 95% 100 % pure (in comparison 18 karat silver is 75% 100 % pure), platinum never fades or tarnishes but helps to keep its natural white color for life. As platinum is so genuine, it is normally hypoallergenic and perfect for those with delicate skin.


Platinum is rare, a treasure coveted by influential individuals for years and years. Found in hardly any places across the world, platinum is 30 times more uncommon than yellow metal. Platinum jewellery is exclusive, a declaration of personality, and desired by those in the know.


Platinum is versatile, with impressive qualities which have resulted in astonishing applications. From Fabergé to Cartier, the world’s biggest jewellery designers have always preferred dealing with platinum. Its impressive pliability allows it to be slow to an excellent wire, allowing the creation of complex platinum fine mesh accessories that could not be designed from other valuable metals.

 Why is platinum more expensive than gold?

Platinum’s rarity means that its price is invariably greater than that of precious metal. The process of creating a bit of platinum jewellery also takes a higher level of craftsmanship.

Why are these making charges so high, you ask?
Well, the reason why are many. The first one being that platinum, being truly a hard metallic, takes a high melting point for comprehensive carving and milling. Now this may only be achieved in factories with expensive production facilities and skilled craftsmen. The next reason is that India doesn’t have platinum reserves, and usually imports the metallic mainly from South Africa. All these factors contribute to high making charges.

Always check for certification
For any precious metal, the price you pay is directly related to its purity. The purity and type of the metal are defined by a hallmark. Platinum hallmarks are displayed differently in different countries. For instance, platinum jewellery is stamped with a Pt950 mark, which denotes 95% purity. Be sure to keep an eye out for tamper-proof quality assurance cards. Besides this, each piece of jewelry also has a Unique Identification Number stamped on it to indicate the maker of the piece.

The hallmarking of gold and platinum are very different. The testing process that is used for gold cannot be applied to platinum.