Aielowu Jeannie – Get The Future of Women’s Jeans


Live-Lived Incorporated (based in California, USA) is planning a huge disruption in history of women’s jeans, through innovation! They are planning to launch a unique line of jeans named “Aielowu Jeannie” (meaning “I love you Jeannie”), on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter during late May 2018. They developed these jeans with the aim of making women feel comfortable on denim, use the restroom with ease as well as attend to their hygienic needs like changing a tampon or a menstrual cup in limited privacy.


These patented jeans features a front opening flap using a pair of zippers that goes all the way to the rear preventing stress required for pulling down the jeans to make use of the restroom. These jeans are so distinct in such a way that it has inbuilt underwear. Apart from the main flap, there is what we call a “butterfly flap”* that is attached on the inside of the main flap to cover the crotch area. This butterfly flap* has a special antimicrobial lining that facilitates the use of most commercially available adhesive pantyliners making the need for any special underwear unnecessary.


The idea all came into a reality during a transatlantic flight when a fellow female traveller complained the inventor about the filthy bathroom floor and wished she could pee like men.  The floor was so messy that pulling down the pants means getting them dirty too. The toilet-seat, of course, can be cleaned with toilet paper and covered with disposable toilet-seat paper or toilet paper itself; so it wasn’t a problem but how about pulling your trouser to make use of the toilet?

According to a flight attendant: “the water on the floor is not just ordinary water. During long flights, the lavatory is not thoroughly disinfected which is the main reason for this. That’s gross!” Basically, the real problem is: How clean is the bathroom floor? Your clothes have the tendency of gathering harmful germs and bacteria from the floor! You cannot clean the entire floor! And that was how the idea of having a woman-friendly fly opening on trousers came into existence.


Aielowu Jeannie is designed for the female anatomy, it offers great comfort and convenience while camping, hiking, and trekking. Also, it offers more comfort while using the toilet compared to what other legged garment offers. Basically, with the flap open, women can flex their legs so easily that their dexterity wouldn’t be affected.

The product has a space-age inspired design feature that makes it suitable for women manning space stations or during future space travels. Additionally, the all-inclusive design helps women with certain disabilities, apart from the normal folks. It also helps for the gynaecology examinations apart from minimally invasive surgical treatment in the pelvic/vaginal region without removing the clothing completely.

 These space-age jeans are coming soon for crowdfunding on Kickstarter for the product launch. The crowdfunding involves four versions of Aielowu Jeannie which are a designer version, a cargo version, an overall version, and a distressed version. The team have already taken enough time and effort in iterating the design through various stages. Given the chance, the Kickstarter backers will be receiving a fully tested and viable final product.

* We recommend the use of a pantyliner, for hygienic reasons. Additionally, during periods (menstruation or menstrual cycle) the user is advised to wear either a tampon or a menstrual cup, in addition to a pantyliner.