Acrylic Nails : Amazing Real Nails With Acrylic Nail art design


Have you got nonexistent nails?

In the event that you do, then you should probably consider getting acrylic fingernails. There could have been events where you wished to do some fairly nail or wished to attend a marriage with attractive fingernails. Viewing your sister getting her attractively long fingernails done must hurt, as you often question why you in some way finished up in the hereditary cesspool. Fortunately, it’s the 21st hundred years, and so long as have to believe that way. Get acrylics! Everyone’s carrying it out!

Ensure that you have them done at the salon, though! It’s not at all something that can simply be achieved at home. Unless you’re a manicurist or you have trained in doing acrylic nails, it is suggested that you get them done from an MsMee expert.


  • Acrylic extensions are suitable for women with brittle and poor nails.
  • Acrylics are good for women, who have a poor habit of nibbling their fingernails as they are extremely hard to chew up off. What better way to defend against an unwanted habit than making the broken area as quite as possible?
  • Acrylic fingernails have been with us much longer than their counterparts, so, most toe nail technicians at salons and spas have a great deal of experience about how exactly to use and remove these fingernails. You don’t have to get worried about side results as such.
  • They are cheaper than their counterparts. The lighter on the pocket, the greater the pleasure. Agree?
  • The primary advantage of acrylic fingernails is that if one of these breaks, it could be set at home utilizing the right tools. You don’t have to invest a bomb again to have them rectified.
  • They last longer than gel nails.

How To Apply Acrylic Nails?

Step 1 : Prep The Nails

Always start with clean nails. Providing a clean foundation helps the acrylic material to go on better. Remove any toenail polish and push back the cuticles.

Step 2 : Trim Nails

The manicurist will probably trim and file your nails while leaving a few millimeters so that the toenail extension can be stuck.

Step 3 : Buff Nails

She will then buff your nails so that the surface of your nails are a little rough. This tough surface helps it be possible for the acrylic to adhere to.

Step 4: Toe nail Primer

A toe nail primer would be utilized to eliminate any remaining moisture and essential oil from the fingernails. Use a natural cotton swab with acetone to completely clean the fingernails and then apply the primer within the nails. A number of the primers contain an acidity called methacrylic acidity. Be careful as it might burn. You can even use the acid-free primer if you are uncertain.

Step 5: Software Of The Tips

This is where the actual application begins. The tips would be filed relating to your nails and will be applied with glue to your real nails. The glue should not touch your skin. The toenail can be slice and sized relating to your specifications.

Step 6: Prepare The Acrylic Material

The acrylic liquid would be poured into an acrylic dish and some of the powder into another dish.

Step 7: Pick Up the Acrylic USING THE Brush

The manicurist will dip the brush all the way down into the liquid. Make sure there are no bubbles. She will brush any excessive liquid against the side of the dish to prevent it from dripping. Then, she will run the clean against the natural powder so you get a damp ball. This is actually the material which is usually to be pass on on the toe nail.

Step 8: Apply The Mixture

Without coming in contact with the cuticles, she’ll apply the mixture over your fingernails and smoothen it out as it has been applied. The changeover between the suggestion as well as your natural fingernails should be even. Apply another level if required.

Step 9: ALLOW IT Dry

It will take about 10 minutes to dry out. Once this is performed, buff and document the fingernails to make them smooth.

Step 10: Finishing Touches

Your nails are ready to be painted!

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