A Stag Weekend in Bucharest: Maybe the Best Destination from Eastern Europe


Ok, maybe that’s a paraphrased slogan, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

There are many beautiful destinations in Eastern Europe, but you got to see Bucharest. It’s one of the most complex cities in Europe and it’s unique in its own quirky way.

Back to theme of this article: the stag weekend in Bucharest.

If you’re searching for a place to go outside of the UK, then Bucharest is welcoming you with open arms, cheap and qualitative booze, gorgeous women and an incredible urban scenery.

What’s so great about Bucharest?

I guess you know that Bucharest is Romania’s capital and that its nickname is The Little Paris, no? Well, there’s more to Bucharest than this.

Of course, if you’ve ever been to Paris, the resemblance is striking, because there is a unique balance between the old bourgeois and the new modernist styles that makes this city like a coin: with two parts that make it whole.

To understand this city, you have to see it for yourself, and what’s a better occasion than a stag weekend with the boys to experience the beauties this city has to offer.

Why choose Bucharest for a stag weekend?

There are many reasons to visit Bucharest alone, not part of a stag party: the architecture, the grand boulevards, the Old Centre, the statues, the special Romanian food, the theatres or simply the busy vibe of the city.

However, when you are part of a stag party, there are plenty other reasons to visit this city:

  • The vibrant nightlife

A stag night without a pub crawl should not be called like that. You have to go to the Old Centre, as the locals call it, where the booze is flowing, the music fills your ears, the rhythm moves your body and the women make your eyes shine. It’s a one of a kind nightlife and it’s only there, in Bucharest.

  • The women

You may have heard that Romania has some of the most beautiful women from around the world. You may not believe it now, but you got to see it with your own eyes. And don’t even think about skipping the nightclubs and the stripping clubs. You’ll get the show of your lifetime.

  • The exciting activities

Bucharest is not only about nightlife. You can do plenty things here, which are fun, challenging and sometimes extreme. You can shoot a real gun at a special range, you can drive a race car, you can play paintball of airsoft, play squash or football, go sky diving or wakeboarding. It’s up to you, the stag and all your friends who join you.

  • The cheap prices

Remember this: 1 pound is the equivalent of 5 lei, the local currency. You can enjoy a tasty beer with only 2 pounds, and that’s it if you go at a pub. Some of the best craft beers are no more than 4 pounds, and you’ll get some gourmet type of beer for this kind of money.

The food is cheap, the amenities are cheap (if you don’t stay at a 5-star hotel, of course) and pretty much everything is like this, so don’t worry about a budget.

  • The sightseeing

Bucharest is one beautiful city. Maybe not the most beautiful city in Europe, but definitely one of the most interesting. Book a local guide and let him explain you everything you want to know about the history and the fabulous culture of this place.

If you book the right company for the whole stag weekend in Bucharest, you’ll have the local guide included in the price. This is the case with Eventhuse, a company which can plan the whole stag do in Bucharest, and leave you in the hands of a special local guide.

Check out their website, eventhuse.co.uk, and convince yourself that Bucharest, Romania, is the place to surprise the stag with for one memorable weekend.