A Quick Guide To Shopping For Loungewear


Who doesn’t love loungewear? There is nothing better than coming home after a long, hard day and throwing on your comfy clothes, jumping on the couch and nestling down for a night with Netflix.

And as those Autumn vibes creep in, we’re all putting away our bikinis and bulk buying loungewear. So, to save you the hassle, our quick guide on shopping for loungewear is here to steer you in the right direction towards comfort and warmth.

  • Comfort Is Key.

This isn’t shopping for a new pair of heels, this is shopping for comfort. So be mindful of sizes, material and fit.

A common trend in the land of lounge is to go up a size for ultimate comfort, this means no tight jumpers or vests and certainly no uncomfortable waistbands, big and baggy is key, something like this jumper from Missy Empire is sure to keep you comfy through these winter months.

Checking things like material is always a good idea, remember that itchy jumper you got for Christmas?? Definitely not comfortable. Look for cottons and viscose, such as this supersoft jumpsuit from Topshop. Supersoft? ADD TO BASKET.

  • Winter is coming…

The main joy of loungewear is that it’s warm and, as the cold nights approach, it is vital that our comfy clothes are warm.

Investing in loungewear in the winter is the cleverest thing you can do; having at least two warm jumpers at hand is always important and it stops you from wearing your nice winter woolies around the house!

As much as we may love our cute silky camisoles and lace nighties, after coming out of the rain and wind, what you really need is a ridiculously fluffy animal onsie or a cute pyjama co-ord. And if you can’t part with your silky pyjama set then at least invest in a fluffy dressing gown!

  • Plan ahead.

If you’re using your loungewear solely for lying around the house, then you can skip this step, but if, like us, you tend to live half of your life in loungewear then you need to be practical.

Although you could leave the house in a unicorn onesie, it’s probably best to leave that at home and get yourself some outdoor loungewear – comfort whilst on the go. Missy Empire have some trendy tracksuits that can take you from binge watching soaps in bed to doing the weekly shop without even having to get changed! A lazy girl’s dream!

  • Don’t forget your feet!

Is there anything worse than cold feet? I think not. With autumn/winter collections dropping faster than the temperature outside, slippers should be top on your loungewear shopping list.

With loungewear becoming a hot AF look outside as well as inside, it’s no wonder slippers are also beginning to step into the fashion world. Sliders have been the sandal of the summer and Rihanna’s Fenty line has made it possible for us to take the comfort of a slider into Autumn with her fabulous fluffy sliders.

You can snap some super furry sliders here and of course, if slippers just aren’t your thing then the staple slipper sock is a must!