8 steps to help you buy skinny jeans if you are over-weight.


We all own tons of pairs of denims in our wardrobe and try and wear them as confidently as we can but the truth of the matter is that can we really carry them like they should be? The market is flooded with latest designs of ladies jeans, culottes, palazzo pants online and so on, what suits you the best may not suit the other at all as it all depends on the body type of a person. Today, I am going to help you style your ladies jeans a little better, especially if you love wearing skinny pair of jeans, but are not skinny or maybe you just want to play safe and stick to the dresses online and forget that you ever owned a respectable pair, then its your choice.

A good pair of ladies jeans is like alcohol which gets more soothing and comfortable over time. It is a kind of addiction, which makes you comfortable in your zone, whether it comes to office, weekend party, weekday lunch, beach, sports activity or anything. Jeans is a woman lover and whether you cling on to skinny or stay practical in boyfriend jeans, these can be adored time and again without any shame, unlike the latest craze of culottes and palazzos online.

I feel the God of jeans finally got happy with women who actually have some flesh on them and are not walking toothpicks. The crazy stories of girls lying on their beds and pulling on their skinny fit jeans as that was the only way to wear them, squatting before wearing them, the whole manoeuvre to just get into them are simply horrifying and yes hilarious too. The truth is that women who are blessed or should I say are a little heavy can look much hotter than others in skinny jeans, all you need to do is find a perfect fitting pair that will not only help you to balance your proportions well but create a much flattering and desirable shape.

How to style your skinny jeans to accentuate your silhouette.

• The most important thing to check is the fabric of your jeans, lot of skinny jeans come out as jeggings in the market these days and you don’t want to be caught in them, stick to the ones that are constructed using heavy cotton.

• No matter how attracted you are towards the distressed pair of jeans, if God was a little too kind when he was sculpting your thighs and gave you some extra flesh as a bonus, stir clear of the distressed versions as they will just visually enlarge your thighs.

• Stick to dark coloured pair, while wearing palazzo pants or culottes you can still buy lighter versions as they are not clinging to you, but while buying skinny jeans buy solid dark colours for a flattering effect.

• Experiment with colours when you are buying dresses online or maybe skinny jeans too, but avoid buying pastels as they will only make you look fatter, stick to rich colours such as deep burgundy or forest green

• The most important thing to remember when buying a pair of jeans is that the darker the denim, the slimmer you will look.

• Learn how to create a perfect silhouette by wearing a short fitted jacket and a long bum covering top that doesn’t spell forced. Always remember that skinny jeans and long tops or tunics are BFF’s.
• Not everyone is blessed with a flat tummy so stick to mid-rise style of skinny jeans that will help you conceal your middle part.

While buying skinny jeans look for spandex or lycra in them, the amount of elasticity incorporated makes them flexible and comfortable.

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